Saturday, August 13, 2016

GCRCD Track Day

We always arrive at a track day with anticipation... Driven to the track and ready to rock.

First up was an R32 Battle.

Seeing the cars in the early morning sunlight is a different scene.

Door to door fun!

And then it was time to swithch.

A quick Tyre change and the R35 was rockin'

Joined by battle ready masters

Slide on.



and go super hard.

Everyone displaying their own personality

And bringing their own mojo.

Gallery was getting enjoying the activity.

But it was about this point where the gallery got verbal...

Nothing a wing slap wont fix...

May I have another sir?

No Problem!

Next week Skyline Mini Meet

My final session in the the R35 was a true "tsuiso" tandem battle.

Steering Lock Style Battle...

 and a very Bad Bull.

RED vs RSG is always a fun battle.

I also added some street signs to the track.

Australia's Gold Coast is synonymous with Surfers Paradise. Come for a holiday.

And hunt some drift.

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