Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Busy night means lots of traffic.

I just pull over and wait for some clear space.

RWD runners battling and training. 

There's a lot of my old bodyshells on track these days...

But I have to concentrate pretty hard, So I don't find myself faux driving.

New owner enjoying lil gemi.

The 2016 low style project was a definite success. 

The A~Bo~Moon influence of not going for outright pace and running as a team with decent proximity is something to aim for.  

You can drift anything in RC.

Overdose Vacula inside.

DP battles.

 Downforce machine... R35, New diffuser raising the bar slightly.

Tonight was wet and rainy outside which also seemed to have some effect on the grip level. A little more than a dry track.

As we get used to the Epoxy Painted coating we are tuning more effectively. This surface is very rewarding to driver inputs and accentuates the way you use throttle and angle balance. Fast and straight vs angled and slower. It's up to you.

Still waiting top finalise the layout with the remainder of the track ... coming soon.. 

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