Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Busy times.

Cars everywhere.

But you can still find space for some tune or practice.

You can't drive when you are ill, so my quick visit to GCRCD resulted in only 5 minutes of shooting.

James will be joining me on our Japan-tour

Those guys had better beware...

 Youthful reflexes on point.

... Even if you get it a bit wild ... no spin resulted.

Tandems are his favorite pastime and especially the chase.

Triple team no drama these days.

Speedline are on board. CR-1 are our RWD control tyre. They are great on the rear and using these keeps ALL car's speed the same. Depending how you like your car to slide CR-1 or CR-2 on the front are great options for balancing a car's attitude.

Currently testing Speedline alternatives for CS cars also.

Overdose Drift Package with full version 2 options.

leading this train.

These two just love to battle. 

Managing wheelspin for best acceleration is a required skill in RWD driving. Too much and you go nowhere.

50:50 and 4WDrivers can usually mash the pedal and go.

At this point.... she probably ain't coming back.

But there's always the next lap to get it right.

It was great to see GCRCD pumping. Even this small venue allows those enthusiasts to stretch their potential.

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  1. Russ from your experience which tire should i choose fro the rear for rwd sakura d3 on asphault?i already ordered mst fr-f for the front.surface is very slippery!


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