Wednesday, August 24, 2016

.RSG. + DriftLine Japan Tour 2016

September 2016 RE-Xtreme RC ( .RSG. ) is off to Japan with the Driftline Family.

10 days of drift at Japan's Top RWD focused cicuits.

6th Chiba NEO
7th Chiba WINS
8th Kanagawa, Cicuit DR.  Option: Oahu
9th Nishi Tokyo, Pro Shop Shift
10th Saitama, Faster           Option: Secret base
11th 12th Aichi, IROHA
12th, 13th Nagoya,  Tetsujin, Hikotech and option Super Rajicon.

and some others thrown in.

Lets check them out.

6th Chiba  - NEO

This is the first stop for us and will be a great introduction. 2 cicuits in the one location.

Small circuits with a P-Tile surface incude a good dose of gentle undulation.I am sooo looking forward to this one. I love the diorama circuit and this one has detail for miles.


WINS is a private circuit without a shop. It's one of those iconic places initially with rolling wheelspeed CS trains that are endless. These days the RWD also is a similar style. Endless long corners with opportunities for realistic imagery.

Wins is a concrete track and will offer our first hitout with wide open track layout. It should set us up nicely for the rest of our tour. I'm not expecting too much change from our current GCRC / GCRCD settings on Topline TDT-002PE.

8th Kanagawa, Cicuit DR.  (Doctor)

Based on a realistic small Meihan style layout, this P-tile circuit is a decent size for open corners running and high speed entries.

Some days you get the Shift guys sharing the P-Tile.

Check out some recent action

Last time I visited here, it was carpet and 1.5CS DRB. Can't wait to let the 2wd DRB-REW loose on this track.

Short on time for Oahu but might squeeze it in... 

9th Nishi Tokyo, Pro Shop SHIFT

Recently Pro shop SHIFT held one of the biggest meets for the RWD community. It was based on judged 6 car Drift Teams and not on D1 Style Battle. I'll be looking forward to endless laps.

A new Plastic-Tile layout for September. Firly simple but high speed and big entries will fly! Tyres are TopLine HDPE

10th Saitama, Faster

Faster is a new track opened in 2016 in a similar style to Shift.

The quality of driving is really the main focus of these places and meeting the RC drift community is the main reason for our trip. 

Here is some footage from Faster

If we are lucky we might get an invite to a Secret Base...

11th 12th Aichi, IROHA 

After the 2016 GT-R's Meeting at Fuji, we'll head to IROHA whiuch is a few of hours south of Tokyo on the bullet.

These guys set the standard.

Can't wait to meet the most consistent drift team in Japan. Polished Concrete FTW and will be a challenge to extract the most of my chassis.

Level Check for Sure.

12th, Nagoya   Team Tetsujin Drift Lounge

The guys at Tetsujin are heavily into Real Drift and theior business spills into RC.

Their asphalt indoor circuit has recently received a refresh.

So now it too includes a straight with Meihan style layout. Of course plenty of Tetsujin cicuit curves to ride.

The RWD influence is huge in Japan right now, A lot of circuits are simply accommodating the greater flexibility that the RWD chassis offer with the ability for straight line running into heavy initiation a key factor.

13th Nagoya , Hikotech  

This is the home of the Bianca chassis conversion. These guys are heavily into the weight shift chassis long before others as their bumpy surface really shows off the movement of the chassis.   

Recently holding an 86 matsuri the realistic environment will be an attraction.

So we have a mix of  Small diorama tracks, some more open white p-tile tracks for constant trains, a real challenge at Iroha and some other stuff.

You will note that we have not included the huge asphalt open tracks like Speedway Pal, Kazama and Yatabe Arena. Going faster than scale speed is something I am not really interested in.

We have some free days, so there is plenty of time to get a few more track visits in among real car adventures.

See you in Japan.  

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