Saturday, April 8, 2017

GCRCD 20170408 Comp Training Day

Lot's to see and some crazy action.

~9pm it was a long night.

with a day that started early.

GCRCD Sliders shells are coming thick and fast these days. 

only a couple left that I know of. 350Z is still a WIP. 

SIL80 is looking sweet too. 

So that's 9 at the moment and when they are on track together they look amazing.

Newest member is here. Drift-Line S13.

Super low ride height meant that the Bumper with splitter was put aside for the first run.  

On my own machine, Body height is set for Splitter clearance.

Variety is still there even when bodies are similar..

Everyone is finding the sweet spot with aero tune and balance.

We have really been working on our lines and getting everyone on the same page.

results are spectacular.

Visitors have no trouble following the line and quickly picking up the style.

Nice and clean.

But still tight and challenging

the gaps to clipping points are now super accurate.

When separation does occur battles are still aggressive.

Skill depth is great so we can all swap machines and stay on line.

Newcastle Toyriffic regular fitting in the trains.

Which are now rivaling those in Japan. A few more weeks and the videos will be on fire.

Unfortunately one mechanical bearing failure, sidelined the pink bits machine.

Which was super unfortunate, but allowed me to handover the gold machine and pick up the camera.

Some awesome laps.

really, really good.

Deep entries. Called well in advance.

regular line and spacing was impressive.

Now there was a competition also , but as I was judging, there were no photographs... Sorry.

So I'll have to show you an extract of post-comp battles.

I think these are just people sampling other people's cars.

proximity is amazing!

when pushing hard.

Lined up and locked on.

and switch.

A bit of early action,

twin's having our own battles.

and more.

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