Saturday, April 29, 2017

.RSG. Japan Part #2 WIN'S Narita Spring Matsuri

WIN'S Haru Matsuri was a chance not to miss.

I was only able to attend a morning session from 10-2, but the others continued until midnight.

It took one shot before I got started, Increasing from a gutless 9.5T to my Oldest 7.5T motor did the perfect trick.  @ 100% NA power my silvia was on the line and on the pace.

After this shot... I was into the action.

I did soo much driving that pictures were never really in my mind. Only taking some at a change of battery. 

I think my grinding wheels were smashing everyone. but I was conscious not to grind too much.

Especially on the pretty machines.

Full chrome RX8 was insanely bright in the sun.

As most on the Matsuri day were not regulars the WINS style started to appear with the regulars setting the line.

New 260Z bodies are looking insane. This blue one has a glowing side pipe with backfire.. 

Catch up before cranking the angle.

This is the NORM! RWD full 45 degrees. 

Small groups link up.

and then groups settle as the best couple join the front and the rest hang on.

I was lucky to sit most of the day in about position 3 behind a close couple of regulars. 

Who set the line. But I was definitely not afraid to lead on the wall. These magic corners are the perfect radius  

The infield is a closer affair with some short straights to test you.

Proximity is what Proximity does.

 All the big guns were testing me on this day... Woo hoo! so much fun!

A great start to this day... 

I knew I should have brought the 86 instead of the DP as my second the Kuso 86 Project is around but with the 4 Door Festival being my next stop... time to reset the S13.

I'll post a link here to the Matsuri coverage. Damn I missed a big night.

Remember WIN'S Narita!

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