Sunday, April 30, 2017

.RSG. Japan - Waru 4 Door Meeting

The Waru 4 Door Meeting was a tribute to all those who rule the Streets. 

Street Style was definitely the norm.

So Jump into the train... With 40+ cars on track... You may need to wait for the opening. So lets get into ... the Waru 4 Door Meeting

My Pink and Silver altezza was so far out of place it was instantly noticeable. Jimmy's Altezza was more the style. 

A great Video here from Jimmy!

My favourite on the day was this Mark X but the red Verossa Beside it had some epic detail that earned it Body of the day.

Exhaust through the filler cap.

Waru is P-Tile with a simple layout in a size that's similar to Dr. I was using the Full WINS Spec 7.5T @ 100% EPA without an issue.

There were many vistors from all over Tokyo / Saitama / Kanagawa and Chiba. The Boxes on the track were something I was instantly onto, having the same at GCRCD, 

Following the Line was awesome. I was surprised that more people didn't follow this.

Although difficult,  it created the awesome "San-Patsu" 3 Point Drift on the narrow main straight. You don't cut the corner onto the straight. You stay as deep as possible and it gives you enough speed to be super dynamic in your 3 point attack into the first corner.

This is a style you would use in Oi-Futo (just around the corner) in the middle of the night. Kanagawa Style Drift.

Some drivers were picking these boxes so naturally those were the guys I followed. With so many drivers, it's hard to know who you're drifting with.

Absolutely loved the San-Patsu style on the P-Tile. 

But I spent a lot of time in this group with BSR from faster and a CS driver.  

I stopped only momentarily for pics.

Saitama Oshiri "Ass" Crew.

Crazy Dancer. 

Simple Team bodies each with it's own style. 

Scrapers. Can't resist shots of this machine.

59 entries in the body contest.

Practice car style.

To Full VIP.

Old and new school

Battle ready!

A big accident in the Main Session saw someone shove the flag in the window.

But it belonged to this JZX.

Surrounded by so many 4 Doors, you start to see the attraction.

Plenty to see.

Lined up... Verossa, Chaser, Mark II, 100 , 90 , 110, Mark X then the rest Toyota Rules the 4 Door scene.

Kani's Verossa leading a lot of the time.

There will be a main Video from Waru. But they took a LOT of footage.

The edit may take years.

Circuit uses ALL of the available space. Upstairs is the usual Pit. Driving space is under 1 meter on one side.

Waru is 24 hr open with a ticket system so you can go all day and all night if you want. There is also a carpet track upstairs. Which I didn't use.

Like the Cover on this M12.

Body contest winners.

And another  saw the same guy take out awards for both.

Cool take on a mark II

This Verossa had a cool magnetic rear end with exposed quad titanium mufflers

NEo regulars. 

Making an appearance with Natsuki-kun in fine battle form.

Easy to see, But you can't hide the tyre marks on the door. 

Another friend Tekki-San finding his Laurel ready for battle.

I was lucky to get some local help in winning a Tetsujin Lexus IS-F sport body ...

... and a set of  Tetsujin rims, so I think a low style WARU Tribute body will be the celebration of my Japan Tour 2017.

Now ... to research images of Lexus.

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