Monday, April 3, 2017

GCRCD Sil Violation

My GCRCD Silvia might be finished one day...

Last week I refreshed the rims on the S13

And i noticed a few scars.

But while the gold is a visible rim, it didn't give me the look I was after.

So I'm heading back to the original flavour of dark rims.

There is some highlight inside. but as chrome always reflects it's surroundings, I expect the darkness will mostly remain until it's lit by chase cars.

Finishing touches are still being added like... Splitter supports.

 And some wipers.

A window sticker used to read "Manage Angle", I guess I now have to "MANAG"

And the collection of stickers grows and grows.

Drift Line (DoriSen) + ZUN ZUN-san's spl sticker... F4rk 0ff Reality... Enjoy RC.

Ready for some "more" action.

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