Tuesday, April 25, 2017

.RSG. Japan 2017

By the time you read this, the twins and I will be in Japan,

About 8 months since the RE-Xtreme FD was shaking it up, I'm returning to see how far I/we have come.

NEO and WINS are definitely my style and super high on the list. Waru and Oahu are other diorama charged circuits that I will be visiting.

26 April 2017 ~ 18:00~ WIN'S Narita Regular's Fight Night

28 April 2017 ~ 18:00~ NEO Kita Kashiwa Friday Night
29 April 2017 ~ 10:00~ WIN'S Narita Spring Matsuri
30 April 2017 ~ 10:00~ WARU Circuit 4 door Matsuri
3 May 2017 ~ 10:00~ OAHU Circuit (tentative)

The twins can't wait to play. D-Like S13 with GCRCD Sliders Livery.


And the new team will pilot the revised 4 Door Altezza RS250

with the revised Plastic Drift Package ready to battle hard

Follow the book of faces for some updates. 

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