Tuesday, April 25, 2017

.RSG. Japan - More than Drift.

You would think that Tokyo would be the mecca of anything... and to an extent that is definitely true.

For many Japanese, Tokyo is just one centralised station among a much vaster area.

Above image from the Sky Tree, Golden Foam from the Asahi Beer Building

In an area near Asakusa.

No too far away, there are the Shinkansen "Bullet Trains" to take you out of the greater Tokyo region... perhaps to Iroha?

This week was the holiday season known as "Golden Week" which also includes "Childrens Day" so the display and flying of Koi fish is an element of the culture.

Just as much as shopping. A New Building like Ginza 6 always brings out massive crowds.

in Ginza Crossing there is the Nissan Gallery. Still showcasing something fun. I hadn't seen the IDX before. They should definitely build this Datto 510 tribute.

The above shot of Ginza was seasonal foot traffic, However Shibuya crossing is ALWAYS like this. This photo at 10PM.

There are places to get at peace among the city lift, like Hama Rikyu gardens or from a tower like Caretta just watching the view.

TV continues to be just as "Kawaii" cute and weird at the same time.

I remember about 15 years ago,  If you stayed in a Hotel near the "Shuto" Expressway, the sounds of GTR Rotary and JZ Power were the sounds of a lullaby.

So where are the RC tracks... Well, unfortunately Central Tokyo no longer has space for a track, So venture in any direction about 1 hour will take you to NEO, WINS, FASTER, SHIFT, DR, WARU and more.

This is Yokohama, Not technically Tokyo, but  Foreigners wont differentiate over a border.
This is the direction for WARU, OAHU and DR in the Kanagawa region.

It's also home to "Chinatown" in ?Tokyo/Yokohama/Japan?, Yep busy.

Real Mario Kart Rental... On the street in Roppongi!

Yes, I know it's an RC Blog, But as you know, 90% of RC comes from Japan.


The first place you land in "Tokyo" is actually in "Chiba" at the Narita Airport.

So the first place you should go on an RC tour is a short 20 minute drive to WIN'S CIRCUIT NARITA!

With that said... Lets start the RC stuff. 

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