Sunday, April 16, 2017

GCRCD Sliders Altezza + DP-Rt

With only a week until I head to Japan, A small refresh on the Altezza as I prep for the 4 Door Matsuri at Waru Circuit. 

The Altezza is my only 4 door, so it's usual Plastic Drift Package chassis will bring the fun. 

This donated body from Mr B is one of two similarly themed Altezza's that in my stable

The addition of new paint and small details have probably raised the price to $20

 The real attraction is how rough it is. Cracks dents and scrapes showcase it's hard life.

New driver for the trip.  

So the DP is a Type B with Type C front, MST front knuckles and Y arms.  Ive been de-tuning the alloy out of the chassis. 

RC926 rear tower also to be replaced but for now is useful for roll centre setup. MAD RC Plastic 3d Printed motor mount was modified for the plastic tub as its usually designed for a Carbon chassis.

Steering angle is capable of those 90 degree + entries. imadoki wipers + extension for RWD spin prevention. 

Yokomo Gyro controls the steering rack and accuvance delivers the smoothness of power.

Target at this stage include a few runs at WINS, NEO and WARU, but there may be a few more tracks squeezed into the schedule.

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