Tuesday, April 4, 2017

GCRCD Four April

Bring it on!

 Unfortunately, by the time I grabbed the camera tonight... almost everyone had disappeared. Mind you, some of them had already done a full all day session. 

Oh well, plenty of room to Slash.


and Grind

Before the remainder went also, I managed a few snaps.  

Ahh, youth. ~~ I remember when I had reflexes.

Some awesome angles.

Sometimes it's all a blur. This is how my eyes felt too.

I handed over the gold machine to the youth so I could get some pictures.

 Impressive silvia action right away.

Straight on line and position.

D-Like in the Pandora Sandwich.

Removed the bumpers for easier positioning but this was probably not the right thing to do for the driver.

This makes a huge difference to handling on my S13 .  Front grip is markedly reduced from both removal of aero downforce and the weight of magnets in the bumper.   

But theyre were still some great attacks...

and respectful position changes.

Lighting up the opposition.

Flashing through the scenery.

After that... I had some seriously hard battles for the next two hours door to door. 

See you At the track.

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