Wednesday, April 26, 2017

.RSG. Japan Part #1 WIN'S Narita

What a start. WIN'S Narita!

Gold Coast RC Drift - represent! 

 My Silvia atop the DRB-REW was the weapon of choice. Grinding Wheels in place.

The twin's were in place to a rich welcome from the early afternoon regulars.

Katsu-Pan's JZX has a working driver. So it looked good with the driver watching the girls. 

A mid week evening turnout allowed me to get among the top-shelf action.

WIN'S is painted concrete. It's bumpy and smooth at the same time with clear off camber and gentle uphill and downhill sections. 

Galaxy's Tomo-kun in the Airforce theme JZX100

So why did I return to WIN'S. Three times on this trip! The drifting is great and the community feel is awesome.   

It was also a place I visited first on my last trip 9 months ago.

Comments from the locals noted a dramatic positive change in my driving since last time.   Very happy to hear that, I tried pretty hard.

This resulting change was a combination of everything I had learned from my last trip. But by far the main change was learning to be smoother and adopting Nabe-san's approach to "Manage Angle". 

On this day the guys noticed a small deficit in power in my machine. So they adopted a slightly shallower line to accommodate for a lack of power. (something that would change on my next visit.)

Just like Real D1, there is a distinct movement to the "Full Roll Centre" chassis and WIN'S is embracing this style as the next movement in RC drift.

You can see noticible ride height changes as these chassis move around.

Tight proximity is the style on the long corners. You do this by going slower using more and more wheelspin. Basically super-high power.  EPA 100% and Full Boost with only HDPE tyres.

Managing the 1% power application to 100% application makes the driver.

And that's the beauty of WIN'S. You need this Super High Power but also the control to smooth angle out and follow in a straight line before the next initiation.

NOTE @ GCRCD Dantai Team... Aren't you glad that this wasn't your masking effort? WIN'S Dantai Team drift bodies are complex. 

Last season's machine.

Check out the attitude on the JZX in the background, That's massive body roll on a slick surface. FR-D in this case.

Joining in this group was FUN! Utachi/Zukkun/Tomo/Ore-G/Keru/Suuu and one more.

Bright is an understatement on the V3 86.

Lap after Lap.

If you want to test ALL of your skill, then this is THE place.

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