Tuesday, April 18, 2017

GCRCD 20170418 Battle Trains

GCRCD S13 Project is picking up momentum.

The rainbow serpent is looking good.

And there is no holding back either... It's FULL ATTACK!

My camera is in need of a service... after 5 years of RC and Real Vehicle photography the auto focus is losing it's speed. Making shots like these the rarity rather than the norm.

But I don't care the actual image when the content is enough on it's own.

Rarely does a single shot have less than a few cars at good proximity.

But the single shots are still there.

R32 owner taking over the S13 driving duties for some imagery.

Retun favour... YD-2 Style.

Another recent JXR conversion that's getting better each week. 

This S13 sit's atop one of the owners 4 Overdose chassis . Currently atop a Vacula but you never know, Divall, XEX or Vacula II. It could be any. 

Many of us trying different Aero for different effect. 

Big Entries still on the agenda.

Cruising in the train... the time flies by.

Lap after lap trying for spacing or closing the gaps.

But getting on line is THE #1 thing that keeps the train in play.

insert eye break here

After a couple of hours... A few had left for the evening, But that's when things got interesting.

It started with some of these big entries. (these are not static images) that's Full Slide at the end of the straight.

and... Mr K joined in.

to say these runs were aggressive is an understatement. It was the proximity that was next level.

One member stepped out but the trains continued... as I joined in. There's 4 in this image. you can just see the green 190sx through the window of the second car.

Some changes of position, but the 4-way attacks continued. 

maybe there was "a little" grinding of wheel to door to wheel to door for the entire length of the long corners.

But the faster ones we absolutely went for the perfect transitions.

But those big entries continued.

After four hours, you know you have to stop because your eyes are buggin' out, but you don't want to.

This is more like what I see. HAHA!

These images cover about 10 minutes of the whole session which simply was the best I had driven in a long time. It's strange because it came at the end of a 10 hour work day.

Just before pack up... I lined up with the latest additions. 

the same uniform, but individually modified to personal tastes. 

I now have the perfect rims for my gold machine.  Loving the sharpness and door grinding capabilities.

By this time next week. RE-Xtreme RC will be in Japan. 

So there will not be any blog updates for 3 weeks, but upon return you can expect

26/4 WIN'S Circuit Coverage
28/4 NEO Circuit Night Coverage
29/4 WIN's Circuit Haru Matsuri (Spring RC Festival) Coverage
30/4 WARU Circuit  4 Door Festival Coverage

and maybe some more. 

Until then check the Facebook page for spotlights.

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