Friday, April 28, 2017

.RSG. Japan - NEO RC Drift Stage

NEO RC Drift Stage.  Kita Kashiwa in the Northern Suburbs of Tokyo.

The ultimate home for scale drifters is small but still turns on the battle trains.

With the action so close, you can enjoy every detail.

From the detailed P-Tile roads, to the scenery and detailed road edging. NEO makes RC Drift come alive.

Running the same setup from WINS required a little tweaking to gear ratio, but that simply made life fun.

 Joined by my friends from ex-MAX-ONE, This DP based Front Motor Mother is supercharged aggression! ZUN ZUN paint and panel proving fail crew inspired detail.

Trains for hours.... Night session was definitely not long enough.

Right until lights out!

Sfida R35 is the boss of NEO setting a great line for all to follow.

Natsuki-kun has the youth and joined me for a few hours of door-to-door fun.  

She says ... Please stay behind the door.

Downstairs second track is smaller but more of an open / square. Downhill Back entries were the order of the night.

Dark surface is a great contrast

Somtimes the whole crew moves from one track to the other. So you get some one on one time. 

Pick up a battle partner and GO GO!

OD 86 looks very different in this livery.

Embrace your surroundings at NEO Drift Stage.

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