Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dori-pake Projects - Going for Roll

When you see a machine on track that's working well, you never know what's underneath. 

Something I learned a long time ago from Kondo-san. Plastic can still be fantastic.

My FD3s is is a little tunable with aero. Removable duck tail wing and diffuser make a reasonable difference.

But a change to a rear suspension setting based around geometric roll centre has transformed the Plastic DP-RT from a skatey machine that struggle for traction into a weapon.

In the top chassis picture, the angle of the rear arms aid in locating the roll centre and keeping the shocks inboard also allow a pivot. These are things anyone can play with. A top mount on it's own did not promote enough roll. You can also see that as yet, springs are not yet tuned exactly, but results are already awesome.

Target is a return to full plastic. Nervis motor mount will be moved and a cheap plastic one will be installed and rear Shock tower is also just a temporary front item stolen from my FR-D.

My other roll based chassis is mechanically linked by a system of belcranks to opposing knuckle top, but effectively is similar.

This has been giving mixed results as I search a setting where the front and rear match. Rear gets a lot of squat and traction preventing front grip and steering.

I'm currently using a Kazama based GSX-R chassis which has very central suspension arm mounts and large wide knuckles but not necessarily what I am after. 

So in the next few days, I'm moving to a near Overdose Silver SSG chassis and eventually I'll try a few other items.   Out with Kazama ... in with another dose of Overdose.

Overdose Dori Pake Suspension Parts already acquired on my last Japan trip will finally get installed. GSX-R chassis plates and Sus arms will be put up for sale. 

So next time you see some close battles, you'd better check underneath.


  1. What do you mean about the geometric roll centre?

    1. Please check RC Roll Centre on Google.

      Related to the centre of gravity and the angle of the suspension arms creates a point where the chassis rolls. High or Low


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