Monday, January 23, 2012

RE-Xtreme TA-06 CS Package

Inspiration...from Sobaya-san, his Tamiya TA-06 has me excited to get my TA-06 ready.

I have the RE-DRB set up for carpet and it's perfect. The carbon chassis is a nice piece and should remain there so I was looking for a chassis to use as a concrete machine.

With a bit of inspiration and advice from the guys at Max-One and Drift Max, I've got some CS packages on their way based around the carbon / plastic chassis of the TA-06.

Tamiya's TA-06 has taken the CS drift world by storm recently, with the pro kit selling out across Japan. A flood of CS parts have just hit the market so I'm testing these right now.

My "Tsunami Spec" demo chassis is underway using the TA-06 Pro kit as a base, Overdose and a combination of other parts from smaller manufacturers to get the desired results.

I'm aiming for CS of around 1.8 from this chassis, so stay tuned.

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