Tuesday, January 24, 2012


No matter what you think of the RE-Amemiya FD3s, I have had 4 people already say "I'm going to buy that body." after seeing mine in action. With RWB decals, it is cool and ugly all at the same time.

At Tokyo Max One in Night Mode you get the full effect.

I did have the Work Miester wheels on today as well as others that you will see in a later video, but the chassis is dialed in on these Spice tyres and Top Line Mars N model 5 spokes +9 and +12

The contrasting green is in your face. I'm glad I can run these bodies lower now. I hated the super high stance of the RE-R chassis. The DRB is body friendly and I can the body way down there.

I'm working on a splitter project and the DRB doesn't support a rear diffuser, I may have to install the Yokomo one on the body itself. For some reason my Kazama light kit is only functioning with the main lights too. Minor details.

I was also playing around with my Canon 50mm F1.8 lens which makes shooting in this place easier. I'm loving this lens. The best 8000 yen I've spent in a while. Light is lovely.

 On my Canon x50 it equates to about 85mm but it means you have to stand back a bit. But the depth of field you can create is awesome.

Look at that background! Pretty. I'll need some drift stitching on this body. I did a lot of tandem drifting today but I couldn't get in the right groove. Lots of mistakes.

So I did a lot of video and photography. Stay tuned for more of this RWB FD and the Green SGT-D FD in action.

Even the bad shots are ok. Can't be perfect all the time.

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