Saturday, January 7, 2012

RE-DRB 1.8CS SSG HT OD - Chassis

So I collected some missing pieces to finish off the DRB chassis. Basically I needed a Keyence long brush-less motor cable.

Above picture was a work in progress.

In my shakedown the other day, the esc and servo were on the same side. Not ideal for balance. So now I have everything where it should be. Left side has the Sanwa SRG-BL servo, centre has the Sanwa RX-461 Receiver and Right has the Keyence Tachyon ESC. I'll get it one the corner weight scales next time I'm at Max One to check how close it is.

I added a bigger battery release pin in blue to match the chassis and tidied up as best I could.

Eventually I'll re-wire some more things and change the battery plugs. I hate wires...

It's really small without the bumper at the moment.  I think it looks great!

Maybe I'll try and modify a rear street jam diffuser eventually for the rear, and a soft bumper up front, but right now it's pretty close to complete. Springs will be next. Longer and Softer. I might stick to white colour though.

I've mounted the Tamiya Super GT-D RX-7 which is a super small body. I added some Spice TE-37 SL in Bronze Metallic. More on these later.

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