Wednesday, January 4, 2012

RE-DRB 1.8 CS SSG HT OD - Shakedown @ Max One

Yokomo RE-DRB 1.8 CS Hogh Traction Overdose Shakedown @ Max One with Inital D Project D Takumi 7.

Of course the splitter is big and already broken where the original cracks in this old body were. but it's holding together well.

I'll start with the body. I originally tried it with 3mm Offset Advan RS wheels, but I couldn't see the black rims well. It's a problem at this dark course.

Because the DRB is not adjustable for wheelbase in the front, only at the rear, I had to trim the front wheel arches to allow for +9 offset clearance with 8 degree camber. The turnbuckles are at maximum position at the front and back. 

I could run +12 on the rear but for now this is ideal with the Top Line Moon N model Wheels

The RE-Amemiya style slashes look great with the SpeedHunters / RE-Xtreme / and G-Reddy logos. As this was just the shakedown for the chassis, The body posts are new and as yet untrimmed.

LED lights look great through the sleek lights but I may increase the opening angle for more illumination. But during mid-drift It looks AWESOME! The bright Yellow is great and easy to see exactly what the car is doing.

So how is the Yokomo DRB out of the box. I must say, very impressive! It feels a little different to the RE-R. Not as "punchy" but that's just gearing. I also have to use a little more brake and accel. But this is on the normal spring settings from Yokomo. The slow rebound pistons don't really work with these springs. The whole car needs to be softer for carpet. It tends to stay flat rather than bite into the corners.

But it's great. Everything simply works. I had a small issue with gear belt pulley (that wasn't tight) but after tightening the grub screw, it was ALL ok.

I was very tentative at first, but soon found it was easy to control and I was joining in the fun on a busy night.

At the end I was having fun in some tandem and triple and quad drifting. Crashes are fun too! Gomen Nasai.

So now I need to get some springs and then practice more. That is all. I didn't take any pictures of the chassis because it's not set up as I want it. I need a longer brush-less sensor cable before I show it.

I've updated the full build here -> RE-DRB

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