Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RE-DP CS Project

The RWB team is all Yokomo. While I am running a DRB, the other guys (Porsche) have only older Drift Package cars. These are not junk. They just need a bit of setting up. I've been looking at cost effective ways to upgrade to get good reliable CS able chassis for them. Today was a setup and test of an old chassis.

This is one of them. Still needs a good clean up, I've installed a Yokomo FCD 1.5 gearset in the rear, I'm using the one way shaft rather than front axle just because it's what we have from before and most importantly Team Suzuki steering cranks. These give great steering control without hitting the diff cases.

Power wise is all Yokomo. 19T D1Sp and SCR 8T ESC.

After using my Keyence setup, I forget things get hot. Keyence simply doesn't raise a sweat. These get hot to the touch. ESC has a temp cutout, but I didn't reach it yet at max one. Maybe a faster circuit.

Anyway, the ESC doesn't have a neutral brake. so that means you have to use a lot of finger action. That is like driving a old car without driver aids. haha. So the other guys will have to work a bit harder to change direction that's all. And I'll get lazy or turn off my N brake (I only run 20%) for consistency.

I played around with settings today. The current shocks need some work. Longer seats so they can have less pre-load and it needs some more weight up front. Rear rotation is super quick. I actually taped a old 540 motor on the front of the chassis to slow it down. The extra weight working superbly, but I should be able to sort that with shock settings.

I also crashed and broke a drive pin in the front axle. 3wd doesn't work so well. HAHA. but quickly replaced and going again.

We'll be getting the two RWB Porsches together soon on the RE-DPs and join my RE-DRB on Kazama's relatively safe track until the guys get up to speed with their new CS packages.  The test body is ready for action.

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