Monday, January 9, 2012

Super GT-D FD3s RX-7

RE-Amemiya M7 RE-Xtreme RC Tamiya Super GT-D FD3s RX7! What a delicious mouthful.

 New Top Line Wheels. +9 and +12 rear mounted on my Yokomo DRB. this body cannot go lower. It's on the chassis towers as it is.

That leave space for suspension squat and massive angle! The body is tiny and much more scale than any of the other FD3s out there.

The rear mixi stance is not really necessary, I actually got these wheels for another body but they look great on here.

For a more subtle approach, these Spice TE37SL are pretty cool too.

These wheels have a lot of space inside and would be good for brake disks if you wanted to do that. These are +8 offset so they tuck a little.

They look not bad on here, but I think a white car would have a place for these. I have one of those too.

The real wheels are these white monsters. they are really the perfenct match for the car, but It may end up being one of those bodies where I can run green and white. I'll try that later.

Whites are +9 at the rear. 3mm make a difference. I've also changed my body pins to Eagle Racing clips and Square Brand cables.  Sometimes mix and match is good.

 The contrast of the white looks pretty good.

My driver is inside. Looks complete. maybe I'll add a small f1 body and steering wheel or some custom arms hooked up to the steering.

The remnants of the RE-R spur gear remain. I'm so happy I can run these bodies properly.

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