Monday, January 2, 2012

RE-DRB 1.8 CS SSG HT OD Preview

Progress is underway on the RE-DRB 1.8 CS SSG HT OD.

I'm about 75% through the build with the remaining shock assembly parts waiting for rebound specs. I'll have a step by step on the site soon.

First impressions are contrasting so lets have a look at the chassis so far.

Good points are that Yokomo have included all their top spec parts in the box so it oozes quality. Fit and finish is near perfect. The alloy blue is very well finished. Turnbuckles and new design ball ends have almost no play. Small details like the clamp wheel hubs and shock ball points are nice inclusions.Wheelbase spacers and other small anodized items like wheel lock nuts are also included.

Pre-assembled top spec drive shafts front and rear are also a nice touch. Front one-way and full ball race bearings eliminate play from all areas and the steering is flawless.

I'm using Overdose front hubs which are awesome and easy to assemble.

SSG chassis is very well cut and includes space for a big spur, but it doesn't "shine" as much as I'd like.

CS upgrade parts are very nicely made and the rear makes the front plastic spur look a bit average.

Now the drive system. While very smooth, I can't help thinking it's overly complicated.

Basically the same design is used front and rear to adjust tension and this is done at the hub in an oval shape bearing holder. While this is okay in principle, the inclusion of a tiny ball and spring is a bit too fiddly. The route of the rear belt requires two pulleys (one geared) and a bearing runner and another tensioner especially for the rear. It's similar to a 3 belt design with two belts.

So as the chassis comes together, its getting heavy. All the alloy is weighing it down.

BUT, that just means more power. Steering response should be fast. The position of the spur is perfect. Test fit for all my bodies is fine. I can't wait to get my gear in it and it looks amazing.

I'll be doing weight comparison with Drift Package, RE-R, CE-RX and RE-R and looking at the details soon.

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