Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RE-DRB SGT-D7 @ Max One

Today was the day to perfect the RE-DRB. It's looking great and driving great.

It still needs some LEDs as it's simply too dark to see. I installed some flashing LED inside but the dark windows on this body didn't help things. I'll have to mount them properly.

Anyway, in action I'm loving the green and green monster.

With some help from RED S14 senpai "先輩" who made some small adjustments to end points and steering curve sensitivity on the transmitter and some tweaks to rear shock settings.

He was able to get the car dialed in perfectly. I'm still learning these finer points and always grateful for the advice.

I then spent a long time at Max One today, just driving and driving. The setup is good that you don't want to stop. You can put it where you want to now. It feels better that the RE-R did. Aggressive and predictable.

I was able to take these shots while the settings were tested. I'll play with the Keyence Tachyon settings next time on the Tao for a little more N brake.

Driving and Drifting by yourself is good. I find I am really aggressive now. I'm trying for faster entry speeds and more over-steer with more power, but tandem and triple drifting is F. U. N. FUN!

We were able to do a lot of side by side. Being the car following is tough! In front you try for line, but behind, you try to get as close as possible on a slightly different line.

I spent the after noon in a "Max Hamburger" sandwich. S14, My RX7 and the new Max One Hamburger Monster Tamiya TA06. Just a little more work on a consistent line. That's the key to fun tandem drift.

This TA06 chassis is 1.5 CS and wielded by a very capable driver.

You can see some more pics here from a young guy who was at the track today. Tandem action.

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