Monday, January 9, 2012

RE-DRB 1.8CS SSG HT OD - Chassis Details

I am finally finishing the DRB and the small details make all the difference.

Check the drive shaft cups. The BD5 Welc-Spec one way from Yokomo is a bit ugly. The blue is a bit off and the machined parts don't really match. The drive cups are also raw alloy.

I had some old Drift package blue protectors, so I glued them in. The finish the front end nicely. The second thing I did, was the body mounts. I already had a spare set of Square brand, black alloy, adjustable posts. So I cut the original posts to accept these. They just make things smoother.

I'm all for easy... especially where body posts and pins are concerned. Tiny silver body pins SUCK! I utilized these Square brand, light, but large grip-able, alloy pins. Again matching well.

Down the back, I've also kept things under control. As soon as I lay things on a table... they are lost. So I added an Eagle tether from a set of body pins (I used the blue pins on Square cables) which allows my battery retainer to always stay somewhere useful. I used the other end to keep the aerial under control.

 Keyence Motor cables were already fitted with Kawada connectors, The length is now just right to run under the chassis. Super clean. I'll clean up the servo soon with an overdose bell-crank.

I really hate wires, I've managed to hide things pretty well. Even with Yokomo light kit, 2 telemetry sensors, ESC and battery terminals. Spur gear sensor has a servo mounting crank... Sanwa users note! I just need a couple more blue screws. The red anodized ones stand out like a beacon.

I still need access for the ESC interface too so I can't be too clean. I had an old play-station photograph sticker I added for fun.

The last thing I added is a drivers head. When I see rc cars without drivers in pictures and videos, they simply look strange. I somehow managed to have leftover parts to somehow make an arm to the centre of the chassis. The DRB upper deck has two spare holes for something. I'll use one. I have to redo the visor and paint the helmet,

But for now all thats left is spring setting. THE RE-Xtreme RE-DRB IS DONE!

I'll take it outside tomorrow for some real shots.

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