Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RE-DRB Super GT-D RX-7 @ Max One

Tonight turned out to be quite special.

I took the Super GT-D1 Spec RX7 down to Max one. I love this body it's small and really has that Tuned FD look. It needs LED though to make it easier to see in the darkness.

A few details first. I made some small team stickers like Japanese drift team stickers. I gave some to Kuni-san from Max-One too.

I added a couple to my chassis as well.

Anyway... I headed up to route 701 and did some testing. first with tyres and then springs. I couldn't get the feeling for the chassis early on. So I tired softer springs and it helped a lot.

The Yokomo SSG spec long springs really  make the Active rebound dampers work more effectively. It's now soft and subtle. I had to raise the rear of the body one notch as the springs allow a little more drop than before.

But it made a difference. I was able to get into it a bit more. But my driving still needs work. I get on the power too much. I need to be more calculated.

Tonight, it was a chance to run with the big dogs. Some big names in Japanese RC drift were in attendance. These guys are awesome, their focus and lack of mistakes is enviable.

Sometimes, it was good just to sit back and watch, other times, try and join in the fun. Everyone is enjoying themselves.

You have to admire a drift package weighing 1.5Kg and stick controls. Especially when it runs lap after lap without mistake from the driver. 2.0 CS conversion with front one way and lots of weight added. When off throttle the car stops quickly allowing more power to be used. 10.5T still gets this thing rocking.

Others run ota-zeon custom setups of various config, but you'd never know from the body. All running JZX100 chasers within mm of each other on track in an awesome display.

My videos weren't too good today, but you can be sure of coverage. There were cameras everywhere.

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  1. are you going 7.4 volt's battery on that keyence? and can you give me your setting info? tao


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