Saturday, January 14, 2012

TAS 2012 RC Stuff

Friends at Kazama have added some body kits to their body range.

But this engine is all custom.

G-Works stand had a couple of Z bodies on display.

Both were pretty cool.

Yokomo had all their new stuff on display as well as some pre-release models. 1/12 Super GT,.

Drift Package is still a good seller unlike the 1/16 Ichiroku M chassis which is 1/2 price now.

To build a drift package like this would cost about 60000 yen. the average price for a high end Japanese chassis.

This one is definitely not 16800. The standard kit requires at least 20000 extra to be adequate. Chassis only.

 Team Orange Laurel is coming. this will be a hit.

Enkei RP-F1 wheels will be also here. Maybe we shall see a Suenaga RX-8 soon after.

Kuniaki's Mark X is another big sedan body. These have a huge following in Japan.

Weds wheels will be added to this one.

But I'm still eyeing the BN sports Samurai FC. Although the Speed way pal body is simply RAD!

This sticker set is also now available for the S15 from SGC on display at the singapore changi circuit stand.

Enjoy 2012... it's just starting and there's going to be soooooo much new stuff this year, you wont be able to tell what is what anymore.

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