Wednesday, January 15, 2014


They may all be the ZN6 86 but all of these have imaginary engine swaps. 

As you can see on the left and right, the laterally opposed 86 logo is replaced with the V-86 logo on the Orido style machines. Orange and blue beasts have Intercoolers so that's 2 Twin Turbo v8s,  My yellow RE-86 however receives a 4 Rotor Twin Turbo. 26B-REW

But in reality, we all run 17.5T which is the v8 of the RC engine world. I like how my dash lights up.

 One thing you will notice is the rear wings. We all run the Orido SARD GT Wing. But we have had to cut the end plates off to clear the fences at GCRC. Something we do often is hang the wing over the edge. As you can see by the shadows, they stick out a long way!

 Although there are many similarities between the tamiya + Addiction body and the Yokomo shell, they are quite different.

The main difference is the length of the rear window / shortness of the trunk and the shape of the fronts

Tamiya has a short rear window and longer trunk.
Tamiya has shorter lights and has a much sharper angle in front of the wheels.
Tamiya's lack of bodywork behind the rear wheels also allows for more clearance angle.  

But whatever your taste there is now 9 x ZN6 shells on the market. I'm sure there will be more.

Tamiya 86
Tamiya BRZ
Addiction Rocket Bunny Kit for Tamiya.
Tamiya BRZ Super GT Version
Yokomo 86 HKS (Rocket Bunny)
Yokomo 86 M7 Orido
D-Like ZN6 Rocket Bunny
Overdose ZN6 Fr-S with body kit
HPI ZN6 Scion FR-S

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