Sunday, January 12, 2014

HPI Stage D Aero Kits 4 Sale. RE-Amemiya RX7and Runfree AE86

I've had these for a while. Time to let someone else create.

The RE-Amemiya RX7 creates something like this.

Includes Aero light buckets and some stickers.

Front rear, Sides and overfenders. I still have one more I am building right now.

Made for the 190mm Mazdaspeed HPI shell but it fits on the 200 also with rear trimming.

The Runfree Kit creates something like this. 

 the bumpers on these include light buckets that sit behind the original body.

And includes all you need for the aero upgrade except the body shell itself.

Cheap at $35AUDeach + Post


  1. Can i ude the flares on my Tamiya BRZ mate?

  2. Replies
    1. They cost me $50 each retail in Australia!

      I can do them for $30 each or $55 for both... + shipping of course.

      I can see how that reads ... I'll change the wording.

  3. What's the shipping for one/both to Melbourne 3000?

    1. for 1 or both is the same shipping.
      $12.50 with tracking and sign required
      or $9.55 with tracking.


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