Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year Matsuri

Everyone was out to play on the first day of the year.

New machines to entertain.

S13 with more than a few additions.

A big shout from the pupil to master Ben.

Sliding style was indeed cool

Heads up to Agent K. One of Fukushima's finest. 

Handbrake ON!

Maybe we should play the game of "Name those body parts!" Too many for me to remember.

Pumped and ready for action.

/* Update */

Yokomo 13 
URAS wide body kit and spoilers,
RC Art f&r bar- window shields and sunroof garnish,
Mikuni GTR nostrils and bonnet lip,
Wrap up light decals and sunroof,
Speedway Pal exhaust, Street Jam wipers and wing mirrors.

Joining others at play.

All shiney and new.

New Orido 86 in tangerine.

and a hint of carbon.  At GCRC Wing end plates are a NO - NO!

Sliding wild!

RE- Power Rear Wheel Drive.

RE-Machines ready for battle.

A parting shot. Art in still.

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