Monday, January 27, 2014

RWB Minor updates

Small updates continue to add to the "kyu"

so what's changed? the rear wing I've mounted on a new mount and is adjustable for rake.  

Still yet to be attached in it's final position. it could be lower... but I'll leave that for the new owner.

the original lights I made needed replacing. I got the buckets from the Newer Tamiya. They work with the clear/ chrome sticker insert or on their own. 

 clear is a bit more modern, but I'm not sure thats true RWB.

So what to do? Keep it or sell it? The more I have it in the house, the more I want it to stay in the house.

I think it really needs 1mm off the bottom edge for perfect fitment. So that maybe the next thing. I may fill those front body holes too.


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