Saturday, January 25, 2014

Australia Day - Sunday Slide

What is that hiding behind there?

It's  the RE-Xtreme Pandora FD3s. I upgraded the exterior and found a lucky customer with a low slung chassis. In this case it's an X-ray. It's good to see that it's staying around the gold-coast.

the new owner already has installed a nice dump pipe for that real look.

It's always a bit uneasy when you see a shell you have created being driven by another. But I'm proud to have this one out there.

The white wheels setting it off. 

Really having fun. Japanese Rotaries drifting on Australia day. Good enough for me!

There was some nice battles today too. 

can't remember what happened here. But the result wasn't pretty.

This is called Father - Son bonding.

Drift in the DNA.

I love this shot. If you can hook one wheel over the "Tetsujin" curves, you get the "takumi" effect. Watchers of initial D will understand.

From memory this jxr is about CS 3.0:1 and always looks on lock.

Speaking of lock. this is about as straight as I've ever seen the wheels on this car.

they are usually more like this... Raise the flag!

Thanks for the trigger time behind this beast.

Now... I'm off to the shops for a maggot bag and a four-ex.

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