Friday, January 24, 2014

GCRC Friday Skids & 5x86 = 430

It's a pity we couldn't get everyone on the same day at the same time. there was actually one more than this today. But there's about ten running at different times @ GCRC.

Some you should have seen before, but there are some additions.


Bad timing.

Blue Tamiya.


Orange Orido
Red Orido
White tamiya
Silver Orido

In anycase, it was a good session.

Other cars around also.

NF-Spec FD3s,

DPM no-gyro Rwd Fd3s also. Getting very close to usable and stable.

  and the hakosuka 

There should be a few videos to come after this.

I like this shot. I tried to get my camera as wide as possible.

 Late in the night, my eyes were tired, I stopped drifting, but I wasn't real interested in photography either..

 Lets say, these were some of the better shots... haha.

installed a couple more cheap targets. This one is on "RE-Xtreme" corner.

 But you better not get too crazy. something sinister is coming...

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