Thursday, January 16, 2014

The RX7s are all the same... NOT.

As a fan of the RX7. I'm on the endless search for something that resembles the real thing. 

Ive pretty much tried them all so far.

ABC Hobby FD3s (Mazda A-Spec) discontinued
HPI Fd3s 190mm (Mazdaspeed)
HPI Fd3s 200mm (Mazdaspeed) + HPI Stage D (Mazdaspeed + RE-Amemiya)
Yokomo 200mm (Veilside Combat V1)   discontinued
Yokomo Apexi Fd3s (T&E Vertex Ridge)
Yokomo RE-Amemiya Fd3s (RE-Amemiya AD GT Kit )
Yokomo RE-Amemiya Super Greddy D1 (RE-Amemiya / Porsche AC927 )
Tamiya Fd3s (Stock)
Tamiya Fd3s (+ Speed Way Pal)

Tamiya Super GT
Pandora Fd3s (Standard)
Pandora Fd3s + Front lip
Pandora Fd3s + Active Hobby Fd3s Parts
Active Hobby FD3s ( Ings+1 )
Speed Way Pal FD3s (generic Widebody)  discontinued

For 2014 there are already 4 new body shells available.

Mikuni Fd3s (BN Sports)
RC Art Body kit for Yokomo
D-Like Fd3s (RE-Amemiya )
ABC Hobby / Addiction FD3s (Veilside Fortune)

 As of right now, I am buying three more.

Mikuni Fd3s (BN Sports)

This is near perfect for the mad mike replicas. The rear of the body shell doesn't exactly replicate the BN Widebody.

RC-Art Body kit for Yokomo

This adds a more street look the the longer yokomo shells. If you like the bigger size of these then it's a good option.

D-Like Fd3s (RE-Amemiya )

This one is an awesome short overhang kit @ 198 mm wide. It comes pretty close to being the best out there for realism.. (although I have noticed some slight issues with the way the front bonnet is short and the front bumper is too high.) It is still cool for a D1 style /TA machine.

ABC Hobby / Addiction FD3s (Veilside Fortune) 

Having personally driven the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift Veilside Fortune Fd3s with it's 550+ horse power, You can guarantee I'll be having one of these.

Even if the front is totally too long.

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