Friday, January 24, 2014

Updates and stuff

Can you overdose on RC... Yes you can.

May this be the start of something special. My aim is a black anodised DRB with this used OD SSG chassis. Kazama adjustable bridge mount for CS around 2.5 ~ 3.0

We shall see how this goes. I need another donor chassis. any cheap DRB will do then upgrades will be purchased on my Japan trip.

I updated the Pandora FD (still for sale) with some D1 style imagery that I had laying around. 

If it can't find a home. I'll have no trouble driving this. looking awesome with white rims. I'll have to raise that rear wing.

Chrome, Silver, Marble, transparent purple, Silver, white. theres a lot going on.


  1. Rus, how much for the mazda? Didn't find in in the outlet

    1. Just a bit too late bro... just sold it to a local guy. We'll be slidin' slidin'


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