Saturday, January 11, 2014

RE-86 and V-86 in GCRC

Today I took the "4 rotor" 86 down to GCRC and it performed very well indeed.


I ran +9 on the car today. Rear has an extra 5 mm hub. It's mounted so low that the wheels tuck way up inside the guards.

But that creates a super low profile.   Some tyre mars on the door today courtesy of Nick. Video to come.

I now have the ability to turn the lights on and off remotely. A switch I had forgotten I had..

A massive impact from X-over practice negated the craft sqare mirror... again!  An example of this impact on the video.

One thing you notice about the rear is the angle of the exhausts. This is for wall clearance.

I grabbed the Staff-V86 from GCRC and lined them up for a mini-shoot.

My optic fibre headlights were only slightly effective. Orido V86 runs on MST VIP

Exhaust battle. I straightened mine for this shoot.

 B.I.M Drift Master Wheel Stickers go unknown to many. Just that we I AM THE DRIFT MASTER!

As I was shooting. Nick was providing background blur as usual.

Every time I look at some of my photos, the green S13 is doing some slide-bys. It adds to the effect.

the bumperless effect is a bit bare by today's standards, but this body is a couple of years old.

low and effective.

I donated my barriers to GCRC also and they make for a change of direction.

 No not one direction...!!!

This kind of direction... really halving the track width today. Everyone was on point.

Stay tuned for some missile X-over video.  --->


  1. IMO,. you could use more transitions in your video. By that i mean driving, not editing. :-)

  2. In this X-over layout it's quite high speed. It's 7 corners that build speed then turns in on itself in the same direction. As you can see it allows for a lot of side by side. That's why there aren't many transitions The two small low speed switchbacks are one after the other that take three seconds and fall right after each other. So there's only a few to show. But if you want low speed chock dori or manji manji manji. You really need more space and a totally different layout.


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