Tuesday, January 21, 2014

RE-Xtreme Yokomo DIB 275 4 sale

Due to lack of use. ie Total run time of about 10 hours only! Ive decided to sell my DIB 275 as a rolling Chassis with the 2 x 275mm Body Sets GRX130 MarkX and JZX100 Kunnyz Chaser 

Servo, ESC and Motor will be removed. 

Full spec list is as follows.

RE-Xtreme RE-DIB-L 275 Samurai Spec 2.3

300 Yokomo DIB Silver Surface Graphite "SSG" 275mm Long Chassis Kit
100 Yokomo Red Alloy Chassis Upgrade Set 1 - Central pulley bridge
100 Yokomo Red Alloy Chassis Upgrade Set 2 - front and rear bulkhead
30 Yokomo Red Alloy Alloy Steering Knuckle set.
30 Yokomo Red Alloy 7deg Alloy C Hub Carrier. Modified for more angle.
30 Yokomo Red Alloy rear FF Sus Bar 0.0 degree
     Yokomo Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles
     Yokomo Polished Alloy Ball joints
30 Kazama Red Alloy Rear Hub 1 degree  (-1 degree)

30 R2 Red Alloy Front and Rear Suspension Arms.
15 R2 Red Alloy Battery Clamp.
15 Overdose Red Alloy Servo Saver Arm
15 Overdose Red Alloy Spur Holder
10 Active Silver Antenna Holder
Steering pin lock update.
20 Active Hobby Velcro body mount.

25 Model Garage Stainless Steel Screw set
RE-Xtreme Chassis Bomb
Black Carbon Print Chassis and Upper Deck Decal.

20 RC Square 44mm CVD and long axle

30 CS 2.3 ( F 40T one way == 13T RC Square  R: 15T == 20 Yokomo Alloy FCD2.0)
Yokomo Red Alloy Front one way
30 Yokomo Red Alloy FCD gear set 2.0  (current)
RC Square 13T pulley, 12T tensioner pulley and RC Square tensioner Post.
Upper deck raised 3mm with Yokomo twin rear belt tensioner
MST red alloy small wheel nuts

Yokomo SS dampers - Red Alloy
30 RC926 Hybrid Spring Set
Team Losi Oil : 60
Spring F H/H
Team Losi Oil : 20
Spring R M/S

Total replacement parts cost. over 85000 yen
Rolling Chassis only.

 Red alloy

fastening screws on the carbon decal causes some distortion.

CS 2.3 is still easy to drive.

Recommend a 10.5T or over for this chassis.

Black DRB front towers. Chassis plate is SSG. Easily returned to silver.

Kawada 88 spur included. Overdose Servo horn included.  C hub carrier shaved for angle.

Velcro mounts included. My Setting RC926 Spring set included.

Chassis bomb! Model Garage (Tsuiso Hobby) SS Screw Set

Almost no run time. on this machine. 

RE-Xtreme YOKOMO Mark X 275mm Body

.RSG. Design custom paint.
.RSG. Design sticker set.
Light Buckets.
Interior dash and rear parcel shelf
interior panel stickers
tow hooks
rear diffuser
twin mufflers
GT Power flashing light kit.

Wheels included are Work Genosis by Mikuni RED painted +10 offset. Tyres not included. Wing not included.

 RE-Xtreme "Powervehicles" JZX100 Kunnyz Chaser 275mm body

.RSG. Design
Chrome / repaired Silver and red honeycomb paint.
.RSG. Design Sticker set.
Light buckets
GT Power Flashing Light Kit
Front intercooler included.
Single exhaust
Custom Dash
Unmounted. (previously magnet however chrome paint did not stick.)

damage not from impact. just from magnets to strong.  Paint lifted.  magnets no longer fitted.


Yokomo DIB 275mm Chassis CS 2.3 . Rolling chassis only
RE-Xtreme YOKOMO Mark X 275mm Body
RE-Xtreme "Powervehicles" JZX100 Kunnyz Chaser 275mm body
Wheels included are Work Genosis by Mikuni RED painted +10 offset (no tyres) 
Wild Willy Driver with steering head mechanism

so to build this complete would cost you $1200AUD as a roller with 2 bodies.

I have literally had about 10 hours use even with all the different modifications.
As you know I document everything on the blog.  Just click the DIB275 link --->

So if you are interested in this machine. It's available complete for $695AUD + Ship and PP Fees.

Including Wild Willy with steering head mechanism (arms require repair).

SSG chassis is previous image  for illustration only. Wheels included are Work Genosis by Mikuni RED painted +10 offset. Tyres not included.

Rolling chassis only. Servo,ESC, MOTOR not included.



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