Saturday, January 11, 2014

RWB G-Force 9 in GCRC

Today I took the RWB down to GCRC Raceway.

With the rear wheels needing to be 2mm forward with a different toe setting.  I only did 1 lap today at GCRC. That is all.

It was enough. I've had this body sitting on my DRB

As you can see, I've added some body lines for extra feel.

 Interior is Tamiya. With helmet matched in the same colour.

Graphics are raised cut vinyl. 

Rauh Welt. Rough World.

I created the RWB RC Drifters in 2011. There were three of us running two Porsches and an RX7 with Porsche conversion. 

 I should have got Nakai-san to sign this one. rear is 225mm.

Body comes with interior, Bronze HPI Miester S1 +9 and MST Chamfered tyres for carpet/ polished concrete. 

Wheel spacing is very similar to my Addiction Rocket Bunny 86. Here you can see it with Prodrive GC-05 wheels.+9

Ive ordered new headlight buckets and the wing stays really need to be re-done to mount the banana wing lower. But I'm not sure whether that will happen. 

I have a few offers on this one.

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