Thursday, January 9, 2014

RWB G-Force 9 Returns

It's back... and it's still monsterous!

A little preview before the light totally faded this afternoon.

Just like a real RWB. the chassis and body have to be just right.

+9mm HPI Work Miesters with Stretch look MST Tyres
3mm hub up front and 9mm hub at the rear. Small mst wheel nuts allow for fitment.

The rear is designed for 3.5mm toe block, so at the moment the tyres at the back are a to the rear of the exact location.This would be perfect match for the ABC Hobby deep +13 rims currently on offer.

Front rubber strip. mesh inserts and custom light buckets. soon to be upgraded to Tamiya items. 

rear photo-realistic detail. 

Tamiya interior dash must be Porsche.

Remember this is made from 2 Tamiya GT2 bodies with the wheelbase lengthened from 250 to 257mm without lengthening the overall dimensions. Rear is pumped to 225mm. It's joined together filled and finished like a real body, so it's quite rigid.  Click the RWB link on the side bar for the entire build process.

Used only for display until now.

For Private Auction.


  1. This thing is hot, i might have to jump in on the bidding.

  2. What rear wing is that, looks so good one of the best bodies hands down and do you recommend a certain putty for bodies

  3. How did you add the stamp in the top left corner of your pictures?


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