Saturday, January 4, 2014

GCRC 2014 1st Sunday Slide.

I've been installing a lot of signage down at GCRC Raceway. The circuit is really starting to get a reality feeling.I find myself sitting lower to appreciate the effect.

There are quite a few "photo spots" that should suit your car colours and style. 

Someseem to be "just right"

 This beast is looking awesome.

In any case, this is the usual scene when I bring out the camera.

First it's just a couple. then a few. then a few stragglers.

Then a few more while some appreciate the track space.

But I eventually gather them all up.

Until they all don't fit in the frame. Lucky I have a new fisheye lens to try out soon.

I've got a desktop of this one available. Six S-"S"hassis Silvia Slide Session.

If you click this picture. you will get a desktop size image.

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