Sunday, September 21, 2014

GCRC Sun Short Sesh + Bunny

Mad times today. it really was a day of superlatives.

Even when I handed my car over to others so I can take images, I know I'm going to get quality. 

Everyone says, I wish I could drive like on those Japanese RC videos. But believe me, what Nick, Jade and I  produced today was right up there with the best drifting I've seen. Countless laps of awesome.

By the time "Za Muruman's" S13 hit the track he was in for some intensity.

I had to force myself to do some parking so my eyes and concentration could recover. In RC, it's the eyes that pick up the most.

Everyone says the car "Feels" different, but actually it's the way we "Watch" it reacting to hand inputs that causes your evaluation of feeling.

The Top Secret built S13 is not as it should be. The rear duck tail was requested, but not supplied. If you order from Top Secret. Make sure they build what you want.

Anyway, it was another Rocket Bunny battle today. It seems that Miura-san is dominating RC as much as real car tuning. 

These wide body kits are made by Addiction RC. They really add a lot of width to your machine.

My DRB runs 8mm hub and +10 rim on the rear (thats +14 in RC offset) and it still tucks by 2mm.

 This is about the only place you cant hang the wing over the wall at GCRC Raceway.

GCRC Owner and Staff getting cosy.

I've said it before. Consistent line is the key. You can see why RC racing aids your drifting and vice versa.

Love the castor on the front of this thing.


Not allowed to battle this FD... YET. 

I dub thee "Dark Night" .

A bit of training today for the dark knight. A little role reversal.

I have to do more leading... I am shite out in front but I'm working on it. Like wise we all need to build our all round skills. Following is an art as much as leading.  

Again, this is not me driving, But the DRB is set up pretty well. CS 2.2 can look ok. 

In the pocket! Perfect position.

Don't be afraid to knock on the bunny's door.  I don't mind at all. If drifting is not about proximity, then you are doing it all wrong.

Cruising off to change my 2 year old choppy front CVDs.

Until next time at GCRC...


  1. Which paint(s) did you use for that 86? I'm planning to also get those light brackets as well, how large are the light holes?

  2. tamiya yellow (thin) backed with black. Flat clear over top.

    Yokomo Orido buckets fit wit modification . I also drilled 1mm holed for optic fibre up front.but need to redo.

  3. Cheers, the body seems pretty wide, I got a TT-01D and not sure what offset wheels I should get.

    1. I'm using +11 offset on the 86. rears you need a bigger hub. But that also means you need long axle so you can actually use the big hub.

      RC sometimes means buying a lot of small parts to give you flexibility in setup.

      I use "RC Square" CVD axles and Hubs when i can.

  4. Those offsets seem a bit too large for my chasis. I find it hard to buy the stuff I need, I wanna buy some of your rims like the enRoute Wedsports but the websites that sell them are mainly in Japanese. You got any links that sell stuff like the Eagle Racing velcro mounts or other stuff in English and show them online in stock so I can buy over seas? Thanks, I really appreciate your help!

    1. just google dude, there are heaps out there. probably close to you also.


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