Friday, September 26, 2014

GCRC Views

In the last week, I've tried to improve the already great imagery at GCRC.

With everyone spending a lot of cash on their cars, they are the star attraction, but without the awesome diorama circuit we have built at GCRC, the realistic imagery would be lost as if you were driving in a car park setting. 

There's probably about 200 kilometers of track barriers at the circuit. Covering them has been a work in progress for me. Add small things like track marshalling points , flags and other decoration adds to the realism.

So when you slide by, there's something in the image to give scale proportion to your vehicle. 

A bit of greenery also goes a long way.

Sometimes, the decoration is just in the corner of a photograph, but you need reference.

For proximity.

And realism.

Turning in after brushing the wall. 

 Chasing through the kink.

4 or 5 astern into the hairpin. Puttin in WORK.

one out slicing up the centre.

Lighting up the rear wheel drive competition.

When you approach RWD with a CS car, we all know that RWD is a little slower.  So if you slow down just that little bit.

You can still have a lot of fun. And the high CS car is perfect for this.

Getting MAD!

JXR Jokers... 3 deep

And you never know what you can outrun in a onevia.

Awesome night.

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