Friday, September 5, 2014

180SX Twin Drift Project nears completion.

These two are 99% finished. Ready for debut... test and tune tomorrow.

Lights Up or Down? drivers discretion. Note the LED pattern selector red button behind the tow hook on the bonnet.

My RE-Xtreme white version has a few more sponsor decals for my own style.

Heaadlight servos needs a little adjustment but at the moment it can be set by hand.
Today I was playing with offset and working out how wide was too wide and how narrow would tuck.

I have a few alternate wheel sets. +11 seems a little wide at this point in time.

The MST Rids were only on for a short time. The Kazama Gram lights have since been detailed and looking awesome.

I added a bit more shoo goo today to stiffen the flimsy bodies a little more, so as that dries

I added some team suzuki front CVDs and Rear TN racing universals to my 5.0. This should give me a little more smoothness and a little more angle. I discovered some of my bearings are on their way out so I guess some more maintenance is required.


Tomorrow is Twin Drift Day.

If you have a 180SX, bring it down to GCRC. Lets get some 180SX madness happening.

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