Friday, September 19, 2014

GCRC - Hacked

 A new shell always brings excitement. Even if it's 'ol school.

 A unique hue on this machine is quite interesting.

The 'ol Box Skyline "Hakosuka"  is indeed pretty boxy.

A double box of GT-R?

ABC Hobby Skylines come in many forms. Race, Street, and a few special editions.

After a quick shoot.

It was time time to head out on track.

i was trying a few different shots tonight.

in more than a few different locations.

need driver!

to complete the awesome imagery as it's owner was on line.

and casting a nice image.

Things don't stay new for long at GCRC

only a lap or so before someone is creeping up to your door.

this was a nice continuous shoot.....

2 door vs 4 door...

100% hooked in...



 double attack.


and hacked!

In among the other runners, there was a purple clan.

on the catch up.

carve down the straight and Hook in

For a double hack attack.

4 door vs 2 x 2 door hack attack.

There was a lot of awesome tandems.

in two by two

purple power.

Fit in or stand out.

the brighter the better.

camera friendly colours

darker cars are hard to photograph at night.

 Whit e is easy.

a little creativity to finish.

slide on down to GCRC! You might get hacked!

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