Friday, September 26, 2014

Semi-Shelved Projects

I have heaps of projects underway. Some finished, Some less so.

I guess I inherited that trait from my father, I don't think there has been a day in his life that he hasn't spent in the hobby room tinkering with something. I am now the same.

Some of my projects just need a refresh. Pan Speed FC has been abused. But I still love it because it kind of defined some great experiences in Japan.  

I'm glad I held onto the RWB. It's been a true shelf queen to date, but still needs a few mods for finality before it's unleashed in 100% anger..

Drift Master is nearing debut. Slide rack is in a lower position. just needs a servo saver and a bit more setting.

there's been a few other projects, repairs, refits and replacements. Motor selection is a tricky beast sometimes. 21.5T, 17.5T, 10.5T, 9.5T, 7.5T they are all laying around the house but I still want that mid range 13.5T.

The Rear Wheel Drive Drift Package Imadoki has also had some work. Slide rack and setting. and some more mods to the Iishida S14.

I'll be working on all these things, a little here, a little there. But the main project is currently still literally on the drawing board. Well, under construction in a 3d space.

Ahhh... Relax. Tomorrow is drift day.

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