Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Competition RE-Cap

To get us in the mood for the next competition, here's a re-cap of the last one through different eyes.

It takes a consistent and smooth line to pull off a good qualifying run. 9.0 is a good score.

This machine also ripping a 9.0 for a share of TQ.

There were some pretty close runs once the battles started. Here the chase line is a little off.

But the lead run was solid. one more time...

Consistency is the key here.

Emulation of Speed Line and Angle is what the Judges wanted.

Drift requires... Line , Angle, Speed and that aggressive transition and a bit of extra flair.

 But either one can be where you dominate.

Sometimes you think you can pull away, then the gap closes again.

 I really enjoyed this battle.

Pulling away, you start to relax.... then the mistakes come.

One more time was required here.

 Other contenders battling away through the best 16

Best 8 and the Semis

And so to the Final.

It was fun to battle a friend in a competition. But as we do this lap after lap during a regular day. We knew the result would be separated by tiny errors.

The first runs were pretty close.

Chasing around the fence line is something we practice regularly.

Close is good.

In front or behind... It could have gone either way.

I'll take a 2nd any day.

Get practicing as the next comp is coming soon.

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