Friday, September 5, 2014

GCRC Kinyoubi Kick Ass!

Friday is Kinyoubi. And Kinyoubi Kicked Ass.

A good 3 hour open attack session was fun. I released the black beast on the attendees.

The black FD3s has a SSG and red alloy skeleton with red Accuvance heart and Sanwa brain. The blood bag has just been updated.

Venom 3800mah lipo blood flows through the veins.

GCRC stocking a massive range of these packs. It's good to have quality alternatives as used by racers.

My RED Overdose DRB is tricky to drive but it brings rewards when driven with very little throttle application.

Full power is always "in reserve".

I have some big plans for my DRBs in the near future.

And so... we line up for battle.

My FD3s looks so small beside this skyline. You need to watch your spacing as the 4 door boot sways in front of you.

A bit of young blood on track today.

I have to push pretty hard to keep up with the young guys and their amazing reflexes.

Had some awesome laps tonight.

Everyone was driving well.



a bunch of tripple and quad battles underway.

 Some awesome slides.

Thats the right spot.

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