Sunday, September 28, 2014

CS 5.0 Training.

I haven't really spent much time setting up the 5.0, so today I found a quiet spot and tuned a bit.

One thing you might want to try when setting up a car is running some marked wheels like this.   The target is to get to get the fronts not moving too much. Hence the reason for 5:1 rear bias and why I also run a tiny pinion and large spur. that allows you to control how much wheel rotation you have.

One revolution of the front is five revolutions on the rear wheels.

Even on the slightest throttle, the rear is spinning up and the front remains slow. After driving this for a while then switching back to CS 2.2, the angle and amount of lock required is vastly different. You have to learn to drive again.

With the throttle EPA on about 60%, I'll be removing the 7.5T from this machine and going to the 10.5T again to spread the rev range.

While it's fun to drive with masses of power, the energy is mostly wasted on a slippery surface like this, so soon there will be more tuning to come. I've also moved back to +9 rims from previous +7. My DRb settings like this size.

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