Monday, September 1, 2014

180SX2X Project - P!PES for ya ass.

The white machine receives it's own special addition.

Thanks to

A special dump pipe for a special release.

I mounted this one way out the back for maximum impact.

The main reason was to showcase the logo on the upper section of the pipe.

But it's a bit of an optical illusion. because the dump pipe doesn't really extend that far.  Ride height is also set at "display setting"

This shot probably highlights the reality better. it just peeks out.

If I find this one hitting the fence, I can easily tuck it back under by bending the P!PES metal mounting a little more.

So you will find that I'm trialling a lot of different rims on my machines at the moment.

Rays G35 are very deep and a little too modern. The white is designed for coloured rims as the impact point, so the high contrast image here  


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