Sunday, September 7, 2014

180SX2X Projects Debut!

Finally had the opportunity to get these 180SX twins on track.

We didn't just sit around taking pictures either. I told you they were made for battle.

Firstly a big thank you to the sponsor of this twin build. Furecha-san arigatou!

The Red.

This chassis is a Yokomo DRB with V2 upgrade, full Overdose chassis plate and shock tower set. CS ratio is 4.65xFCD. 42T-9T-20T-20T

Sanwa and Savox Electrics and Speed Passion Reventon 105T combo with large size battery pack. RC926 Twin Springs handle spring and Kazama Auto rims / RC-ART tyres complete the chassis.

The White

This chassis is a Yokomo DRB with V2 upgrade, full Overdose chassis plate and Kazama motor mount. CS ratio is 5.00xFCD. 45T-9T-20T-20T
Sanwa Electrics and Acuvance(Keyence) Tachyon/Luxon KG 7.5T combo with shorty Venom battery pack. RC926 twin springs handle spring and Kazama Auto rims / Topline tyres complete the chassis.

Pipes came on board just at the right time and contributed to vinyl graphics and rear exhausts. Thanks!

The dump pipe on the white machine and the 45 degree tip on the red machine look awesome.

Check out for some cool stuff. The rear lights are true red LED.

The lights here are orange LED with red tint. I wanted to keep them slightly different.

Got Stance! The Gram Lights have a 1mm lip. I had to take my 1.5mm spacers out of the rear to allow tuck just after this photo. Camber is 1 degree on the rear and 11 degrees up front.

Origin Labo were actually one of the first to have light up mirrors with indicators. I tried to tie in some details like this.

Pandora RC body shells are a mixed bag for shapes really, but when I chose these RPS13 180SX for the twin project, it was because they have a realistic look.

Side by side. We were itchin' to get them sliding in GCRC's realistic environment..

The two month project from concept to finality was at an end.

So Lets GO!!!! Revs Up... Dump Clutch.

After our first session that was full of final setup adjustments and tweaks, I handed over the controls so I could photograph the twins. My driver did a pretty good job adjusting to my crazy setup.

Within a few laps the gaps were getting smaller.lover the 4.6 and 5:1 image on the rims.

 Nothing like similar setups to get that sypatico! Even though you can bet the same results with less power/more torque. We love the responsive high rpm feel.

Nothing like big lock!Team Suzuki CVDs allow 55 degrees with ease.

I was playing around with the LED pattern selector. inside lights flashing.

front blue indicators off.

Light Up - Lights Down. Lights in sleep mode. all look good.

Both pushing out to the walls.

Twin Reverse entry. ooh Yeah!

On track they can look a little long from above. but I always like to sit on the floor at a realistic level and they look fantastic.

So after the red beast had to leave. I continued to "Add drift character" (smash up) the white 5.0. My new rims always seem to last about 30 minutes. The rears bearing the scars wheel clashes. I wear these with pride though, because that means someone else's front rims or bumper or door wears the gold scar.

Another HUGE thanks to GCRC Gold Coast RC Raceway. THE place for realistic RC drift!

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  1. Spot on work Russell appreciate your hard yakka


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